Proposing a solutions: catchy topics for your essay

We all are busy in solving our own problems and when our teachers assign us a topic that you have to choose some problem solution topic and write down an essay. Of course, this is quite a time consuming when one has to spend countless hours in front of the internet in search of the topic and after that, you have to search for the content too. We are here to solve your half problem, and here we are providing the list of the topic from which you can choose one for the essay writing. Problem solution essay should be written in a soft and satisfactory tone so the person who is experiencing it can relax themselves and focus on the problem in a calm manner. We are proposing a solution essay topics for you.
The problem solution essays could be of different level, and it depends on how you are guiding to the person. We are listing some catchy topics on this subject so other can take advantage of your writing for their research paper too.

  1. How to study with the focus and complete the work as soon as possible?
  2. How to trained the children for the different protection situations when they are going somewhere alone with the friends?
  3. How can a student manage his social life, academic life and work life at the same time?
  4. How to handle your roommates when they are quite annoying?
  5. How to handle the financial condition in the college life?
  6. How is it possible for the parents to develop the interest of their child towards the sports from the video games?
  7. How to convince your parents for the career switch and how to explain them your side of the story?
  8. How to make the college safer place for the students and what precautions should students take when going for the first time?
  9. How to avoid the junk food in the college when you want to stay in shape?
  10. How to make students participate in the college events to polish their skills?

You can choose any topic from them and write your thoughts. Every student goes through these problems once in a lifetime, and they always need some great advice by which they can deal with their problems. You can write the great piece of a paper by adding some great tips to the paper to help the other students in solving the problems.