A brief how to guide on writing an essay on technology in education

The act of putting words to paper is not an easy feat! In most cases, we have an idea of what we want an article or essay to be like but translating the thoughts into something worth reading is a different issue altogether. Having a preconceived notion of the beginning stages and intended conclusion aids in the fleshing of it. For example, writing an essay on technology in education should encompass the following:

  1. Research - carry out a detailed study on development and advancement in technologies. The new models available or those that are still in the planning stages. The technology in question is it hardware or software? The objective of the technology and so on.
  2. Benefits - after carrying out detailed investigations on the technology in question, the next step should be finding out the benefits that can be derived from it. In this case, the benefits of technology in education such as allowing distance and online learning, use of smart devices instead of papers and the likes should definitely be a part of the merits.
  3. Vices - as the saying goes, "nothing is perfect" so therefore, the same way there are benefits to be derived from technology in education there definitely should be demerits and things like it encourages cheating, plagiarism, and other related things should be included.
  4. Purpose - the technology in question, is it seen as a new development or a replacement for an existing model. In the case of notebooks and pencils, the smart devices have taken over thereby improving environmental sustainability.
  5. Conclusion - the concluding aspect of the essay should serve as a brief summary of what the previous paragraphs and sentences have embellished on.

After making your findings on the topic itself, the next step is the integration of all parts into a full-fledged article meaning the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should consist of the reason why the topic was chosen as a focus area; the body should include the benefits, vices, and purpose and finally, the conclusion should be a brief summary and one or two notes on the topic itself.
Having a plan, implementing the plan, controlling the outcome so as to ensure there are no deviations from set targets and measuring planned outcome with actual outcome aid in writing and hopefully, with the pointers above it would be easy for anyone to put together a technology in education essay.